Bluntly: the iPad Pro is the new MacBook Air

In the last few weeks, I am seriously considering my next team. My MacBook Pro 2011 has long served its purpose and now it is just spinning victory.

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In the last few weeks, I am seriously considering my next team. My MacBook Pro 2011 has long served its purpose and now it is just spinning victory. Because he can still, although the battery is about to say enough. After six and a half years of rugged service, it is time to renew it. And while I consider the different options, there is a phrase from the movie RocknRolla that never stops coming to my head. It is this:

The phrase is quite funny because of the context. Lenny Cole, a British mobster meets with the Russian tycoon to make a real estate deal. When they close it, they celebrate their new company with a drink. The British is surprised that the Russian serves whiskey instead of vodka, given the fame of this last drink in the Slavic country. After emptying the cup and getting into his car, Cole exclaims:

He tried to poison me, that dirty Cossack!
This scene could be transferred to the technological case that concerns us. For several reasons, I think Apple's tablet is gradually replacing its most popular laptop while we talk. The iPad Pro is the new MacBook Air

The elusive MacBook Air retina


For many, the MacBook Air is the best notebook that has ever existed. For price, specifications, design, weight, power and many other things. But it had a hard start when Apple introduced the original concept of ultraportable in January 2008. His fame soared from the redesign he suffered at the end of 2010, when he debuted his current format as well as a younger brother of 11.6 inches.

The original MacBook Air was harshly criticized for the commitments it made to the team
Recall that its initial reception was not at all pleasant (there is more to see the comments at the entrance of the year 2008). However, with the next iteration the general feeling changed and it became the favorite laptop of millions of people. There are analysts who claim that it is the best selling Mac of all time, for the reasons we have detailed before.

However, from 2014 we expected the logical evolution of the MacBook Air towards a model with retina display. But knowing Apple, it's rarely happy to add a technology and take a new generation for granted. No. The Californian company accumulates news to make a launch more spectacular. And that's what he did in 2015 with the new MacBook.


The surname Air has long since lost its essence and reason for being. Because before it involved a decision, a tradeoff or commitment they say in English: if you want lightness and portability, choose MacBook Air; If you want power in exchange for less mobility, you have the MacBook Pro range. But in the latest iterations of the lightweight laptop, that decision no longer made sense.

The MacBook Air is receiving pressure from above by the new MacBook Pro; below it faces an increasingly serious contender
The 13-inch MacBook Pro came dangerously close to the ground of the MacBook Air, reducing weight, adding more power and a retina display in 2012-2013. Apple needed a much lighter, compact and capable laptop to house the latest technologies, suitable for those who need a desktop operating system while working in mobility. That's how (re) the MacBook was born.

Apple keeps the MacBook Air in its line of laptops for one simple reason: it continues to sell extraordinarily well. I know several people who have made the jump from Windows to the basic 13-inch model (yes, the 128GB one). The same one that Apple renewed slightly last week. Despite this, it is clear that the end of the MacBook Air line is close and we will never see him inherit a retina screen.

The iPad Pro is the new MacBook Air


Let's go back to the beginning of the article. While researching the machine that should serve me for the next 6 years, I noticed a very curious thing: that the iPad Pro is the new MacBook Air. Yes, yes, I already know the story that they are different operating systems and such and such. But the truth is that in my case, 95% of the time I dedicate to writing and editing articles, gathering information for clients, taking notes in meetings and organizing projects.

The remaining 5% is to make presentations, create spreadsheets (without sophisticated formulas), administer a website in Wordpress and make light touch-ups of photography.

Decades of PC dominance has left us with no imagination when thinking about different tools to do the same job (or a different one)
I think it is essential to understand one thing: it is work that determines the tool to be used, not the other way around. Consequently, workflows can be different to achieve the same goal. The problem here is how fast one can adapt to the new flows (and if he is willing to do so, resistance to change is called). So an iPad Pro could well cover most tasks in addition to doing others that a Mac is not capable of.


With this in mind, I did a test: compare the different iPad Pro configurations. And this is what I found:

iPad Pro 10.5 inches, 64GB: 729 euros.

iPad Pro 12.9 inches, 64GB: 899 euros.

Smart Keyboard: 179 and 189 euros respectively.

Total: 908 and 1,088 euros respectively (VAT included).

Obviously, 64GB are few for a device that claims to be the main one. So we can raise the storage up to 256GB for only 100 euros more in each model (a rise that is very worthwhile for that price). A range of prices that is extremely familiar to those with MacBook Air:

MacBook Air of 11.6 inches and 64GB: 899 euros approximately (it is difficult to find this price since the model is discontinued).

13.3-inch and 128GB MacBook Air: 1,099 euros.

In the comparison of iPad Pro we have excluded the Apple Pencil that would add 109 euros to each model. But it really is not as necessary as the keyboard for this iPad (strictly speaking, the keyboard is not 100% necessary on an iPad either, but it does when you need to write a lot a day).


The iPad Pro is a very similar device and even better in many things when compared to the MacBook Air. And that is surprising.
To screens of similar sizes, comparable autonomy, identical or similar storage and keyboards also of the style, the iPad Pro offers a very powerful equipment, with a retina screen and ProMotion technology of refreshment to 120 hertz. In addition to a lower overall weight and the full power of iOS 11 and the App Store on their shoulders.

I have no doubt that Apple hopes to scratch some users who had previously opted for an Air. Because sometimes, for those same users, a "real" operating system (whatever that means) is like killing flies with cannon fire.

Apple has planted an idea that can make more people doubt than we think. One that will improve with each iteration of iOS. Now, all the company has to do is follow this path that has finally begun to walk so that those who bet on it do not end up complaining of a headache like Lenny Cole.


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