How to choose the perfect iPhone for you

This year 2018 is more open than ever in terms of iPhone models to choose from. Currently we have the possibility to buy in official store the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and its Plus version.

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This year 2018 is more open than ever in terms of iPhone models to choose from. Currently we have the possibility to buy in official store the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 and its Plus version, in addition to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. No, we have not forgotten the iPhone X, it is only possible to buy it in stores that are not Apple or operators.

And this coming Friday you can make the iPhone XR reservation, device that promises to be a top in sales. The solution that Apple seems to have found when it comes to satisfying a willing audience for a solid and somewhat cheaper phone seems to have been a success.


I want to change the iPhone and I do not know which one to choose

The dilemma is huge. First of all you should think that with the disappearance of the iPhone SE, which had good features and a small size, if what you like are not very large phones you should opt for the series 7 or 8 in its standard versions. Both have screens of 4.7 inches, although the base price is 529 and 689 euros respectively. And no, they are not outdated phones in terms of design or features.

Its processors work perfectly, the iPhone 7 has the A10, the 8 mounted bionic A11 and the iPhone 2018 have the famous A12, 40 percent faster and the first to be manufactured under a process of 7 nanometers. If you are not a user that could qualify as standard and do not want to spend too much, the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 are undoubtedly your devices. You can save a lot of money by choosing well and looking for offers that online stores launch.

From the 8 series onwards we have wireless charging, without a doubt a success when charging. It is not that you are going to use it continuously because there are places where it is quite difficult to do it, but with how cheap these types of chargers are, you can have 2 or 3 for home and work. It is a gesture to leave the phone on the desk in your office and is already charging, or have one on the bedside table, do not you think?
The storage

I am not of the opinion that you have to buy yes or yes a phone with a brutal capacity. The iPhone 7 part of the 32 GB, which may be enough for many. Obviously you will run out of storage if you forget to upload your photos and videos to your computer or upload it to any cloud service. But that is not a matter in which your phone has to do, but with your habits as a user. But is that in that plan you can fall short until 512 GB of the new iPhone XS.


For example, the iPhone 8 256 GB is 170 euros more expensive than 64 GB. It is only a matter of assessing if it is worth paying that surcharge for 256 GB. Without wanting to influence anyone's opinion, this year I have gone from 256 GB to 64 GB of my current device. I recognize that for technological health I do not like to have the iPhone heavily loaded with photos or videos.
Face ID or Touch ID?

Both are safe systems, but the Face ID and according to my own experience, is very comfortable. Ok, sometimes it's hard for me to recognize myself according to how I've oriented the phone to my face, but I hardly remember the Touch ID except when I use the Pad or the MacBook.

For security, the feeling is that both are and if we join you can also use a code that can complicate what you want, it does not seem that security is compromised. Although the future has already been clear that it is in the Face ID and in the absence of start button, which you can find in the series 7 and 8.
Chambers, a rising value

They shine at a great height, although it seems that the iPhone XS incorporates improved features with respect to its predecessors, although it is not something that a not too trained eye is capable of discerning. It remains to be seen how the iPhone XR behaves, which with a single lens is capable of reproducing the portrait mode that is so successful. Let's face it, the portrait mode is very popular, and if you're going to use it, you have it in the Plus 7 and 8 series models and in the rest of the devices, in the iPhone X, in the XS and XR.


All are able to record video to 4K, another thing is that you record in that system, which consumes a lot of memory and is not a good idea if you do not have a device that later reproduces it. The difference is the frames per second that they give when recording in slow motion. The iPhone 2018 can do it even at 240, while the rest "only" do it at 120 frames per second. It all depends on the degree of curiosity you have when making recordings. I recognize that I do not usually record in 4K, in any case some test, but with 100 I'm going to spare.

And the selfies camera has virtually no variation in terms of aperture or megapixels, which are 7. Another thing is if you want the Animoji, you should go from the iPhone X up.
The screens, those protagonists

The tendency has been to tend to rise. And about this there is no middle ground, or you love those generous screens or you hate them. Apple has made a brave bet this year, two models exceed 6 inches, so it is giving an indication of what we will see in a few years, we do not believe that there will be a return and return to 4 inches.

The reason for this is that every time we use more mobile phone as a substitute for the tablet or computer, depending on the cases. I know of people who do not turn on a computer during their leisure time, with their mobile device they already have enough to send messages, consult social networks or read the press.


Maybe we should look at OLED or LCD. The first panels are those that mount the iPhone X and the XS, the rest are LCD. It is already to the taste of each one, although the OLED has greater clarity and brightness, in addition to a lower energy consumption. Is there a difference? Yes, and it shows a lot. We do not detract from LCDs at all, but it is a reality. Of course, whatever your choice, never forget to protect it.
Other factors and finishing

For example the resistance to water: the 2016 and 2017 models enjoy IP67 protection, more than enough for practically everything, however this year's climb a step to the IP68, which allows them to be submerged deeper. But let's think about it, who will naturally submerge an iPhone? At least I would not do it or do it, if I want underwater photography there are elements better prepared for it, such as action sports cameras.

Colors are also another option to consider. The largest color range will be for the iPhone XR that comes out in 2 weeks and has 6 different colors. Of course, choose well because you can get tired soon of something too strident, although in the variety is the taste. It's not my case, my iPhones have always been black, once I had the iPhone 6 Plus blank and I ended up fed up with it, but it's a very personal opinion.

Another is the use of that iPhone, how it will be intensive. It is not the same to need an iPhone for decent photos, messaging and little else, that someone who for example wants to use Augmented Reality games. If your case is the first, the older versions will give you a good experience without much price shooting. The iPhone 7 would be outlined as a more than recommended purchase, although in 2-3 years it is time to say goodbye. Now, there is nothing more frustrating than using a device that you have underutilized.

Latest recommendations: yes or yes a case and the optional screen protector, but also recommended. Nowadays it is a risk to have an unprotected iPhone, especially from the series 8 onwards. Being the crystal body, the chances of catastrophe in case of fall are maximum. And I certify that a good cover prevents later tears. My previous iPhone fell a floor bouncing down the stairs and did not suffer any damage or mark thanks to having a competent case. Do not try to save in this sense, it is always a good investment.

The decision of which iPhone to choose is exclusively yours, think about what use you are going to give, what are the trends (Face ID, absence of buttons, increasing screens) and enjoy your new iPhone. The economic factor is key, but it is not an impediment so that, whichever you choose, you have an iPhone to match.


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