What will the WWDC bring back to the iPad line?

On June 5, Apple will present its proposals regarding software for this year 2017 in the main presentation of the WWDC.

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On June 5, Apple will present its proposals regarding software for this year 2017 in the main presentation of the WWDC. Among them, we hope to find from a new version of MacOS, until a look at what will be the next iOS update, along with WatchOS and tvOS. But this year we also have some other desire, fueled by the continuous rumors that have been appearing these months.

I mean the renewal of the iPad line, and not just a small change like the one presented with the new iPad in March. I'm talking about something bigger than a mere change of chip, something that is really worth the change. And it is very possible that this year we will finally have that evolution, absolutely necessary to give the line the life it needs in the coming years.

New iPad models ready to go to market


First of all, as I said before, a jump in hardware is absolutely necessary. It is possible that with this generation we will lose the iPad Mini, but we could gain options in other more desirable sizes for the current market. This new model would be located as an intermediate point between the iPad Pro 12.9 inches and 9.7 inches with about 10.5 inches. However, it will remain an iPad Pro, so we should not expect a tight price.

Another of the highlights of this new generation could be its design. There is a possibility that Apple left behind the gigantic frames of their devices, and this change would start with an iPad that would probably dispense with its physical start button. This would be of great help when presenting the product to the public, since it would be something quite evident that would allow presenting it as a real change.

iOS 11 could have new functions designed for iPad

Secondly, it is obvious that we can not leave behind the software part. We know perfectly well that the union between hardware and software is one of the strengths of the company, but we need something more than slight changes in the experience. The iPad needs more functions designed especially to take advantage of its capabilities and those of its users, and yes, I speak of users in the plural, because it is time for the rumored multi-user system that appeared a few months ago in tvOS.

In addition, an important improvement is expected both in the use of the Apple Pencil in the system, as well as in the input device itself, which would receive a revision. We have already heard some details about a possible function to write quickly about the applications that we have open on the iPad, which would be of great help.

In short, we hope that next Monday is not only a great day for Apple's software, but also the time of the expected resurgence of the iPad line. And it's been a long time since it stopped being a 10-inch iPod Touch.


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